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By the looks of your home, we can see that you understand the value of quality. However, there is one place youmay have forgotten about, your roof! Not only will a quality roof be the icing on a beautiful cake that is your home, it will also give you peace of mind for years to come. At Mountain Goat Roofing we’re building on twenty years of happy satisfied customers, just ask one!

Taking Care of Your Roof

Making proper repairs to your roof is important. But performing proper maintenance is even more significant. The better you take care of your roof, the less frequent you will need to do repairs.

Roof Care Tips


1. Tread carefully when on the roof.

Take as few steps as possible when trying to assess the state of or performing repairs on your roof. Also pick the time of day when the weather is at its mildest. In hot times of the day shingles become soft and in the cold times of the day the shingles become brittle. A summer morning provides optimal conditions for roofing.

2. Avoid pressure washers.

Pressure washers release water is a manner too powerful for your roof’s good. The strong force has high tendency to make the shingles loose thus making them more vulnerable to the sun’s heat. This will greatly increase their deterioration rate. If you really want to use a pressure washer, hire a professional.

3. Bleach is a No No.

Bleach has corrosive properties and will do more bad than good. It will make your shingles brittle and breakable. Clean your shingles with water and then apply Zinc to serve as a protective layer against the formation of algae.

4.  Shingles and Paint Don’t Mix

When your shingles look too old never try to use paint to give them a makeover. The paint will surely penetrate the insides of your roofing system and lead to all sorts of problems. Just consider that it might be time to replace your roof.

5. Utilize an Efficient Gutter System

If your roof has levels such as a higher roof and a lower roof, make sure that water sliding down from the higher roof travels through a gutter and does not touch the lower roof. Otherwise, the lifespan of your lower roof will be greatly shorter than your higher roof.

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