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Roofing Process

The process of getting a new roof is often very simple, but it is always good to know what to expect.

we-serve-your-homeUpon calling Mountain Goat Roofing, our estimator will come out to your home and talk with you about your desires of how the roof should look and discuss appropriate materials to help it function ideally. He will also measure the roof to see the size, determine the pitch, roof design, and what/how many roof systems are currently in place. This allows us to figure out the quantity of materials to order, and to put that figure into the estimate.

Our estimator will also see what needs to be protected; valuable plants or architectural details that cannot be moved will be the first things to focus on when Mountain Goat Roofing comes to work on your home. Often the plants/details will be enclosed in a shelter made of plywood, ensuring that anything that may fall from the roof pass over the protected area safely onto a heavy tarpaulin protecting the grass.

After you have approved of a free written estimate, there will be a contract to sign that formally explains all the things that we will be doing during the roofing process. Now would be a good time to ensure that your possessions in the attic are protected from dust and small debris as well as a quick look for any thing that might fall from a table, wall, or light fixture due to vibrations on the roof.

At the same time the contract is signed, we will mutually work out the schedule. If you are experiencing leaks, we will help you with a temporary fix to tide you over until we can get to you. It’s best to contact us earlier in the spring as summer months get booked up quickly.

Roofing Day

roofing-dayWe arrive early in the morning, so that we can speak with you directly before you head out the door. We make sure that all special plants/details are protected or moved, then get the dump truck into position for roof removal or tear-off as we call it. Depending on the size, age of your roof, and number and type of layers to remove, the tear off can be a partial or full day process.

After removing the roof and cleaning out the gutters, we then ascertain if any rotten substrate needs to be replaced. Mountain Goat Roofing charges only for the material that is not “guaranty-able substrate.”Guaranty-able substrate is as it sounds. It can be guaranteed because; 1. It is securely nailed (refastening an existing solid substrate is no extra charge) 2. Smooth 3. Solid, hence it will hold the fasteners used to secure the roofing material for the life of the roofing material. If you are putting composition on a roof that previously had cedar shakes or shingles, then plywood will need to be applied over the skip sheathing.

Long ago we thought about what was the most mutually equitable in terms of honesty, fairness, and simplicity. It would be easy to figure on an excessive amount of rot existing on your home and build it into the estimate. However this philosophy has the propensity to become a double edged sword. Either the homeowner or the contractor will get hurt. 1. If there is more rot then the contractor built into the estimate it will affect his discretion in a negative way with substrate of questionable integrity in view, or 2. There also maybe a lesser amount of rot than the contractor guessed (in his estimate) beforehand and well, you have the gist of that scenario. Again we believe the most fair and logical method to employ is to bill only for the rot that exists.

After the plywood is applied or the previous substrate is cleaned and refastened, the 30 pound Underlayment is rolled out.

All of us at Mountain Goat Roofing look forward to serving you!

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