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The History of Aza Cline, President of MGR

With just one fork in the road, Aza largely kept to the roofing / construction industry. While in High School Aza often worked for his brothers company, New England Homes during the summer breaks, where he was involved in overall home construction as well as roofing.

Aza-ClineSoon after graduation, Aza had an opportunity to work up into the field of flight service. Specifically Aza wanted to translate his ability to work with people into becoming a flight attendant. After a time, Aza decided that while he loved the communication aspect of his job, he missed being in touch with the outdoors. He found the walled surroundings too confining.

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Aza Cline also thought back to the work with his brother and he had enjoyed making a pronounced difference on the largest feature of a person’s home, their roof. Aza enjoyed the fruits of good craftsmanship, attention to detail, and how they all came together.

So he went back to New England Homes for a time, and also worked for another roofing company before striking it out on his own. Many people may know Aza from his first company and business venture, Excellence Roofing, which still exists in parent form today. Aza developed the company in all aspects, and learned all the ins and outs of what it takes to operate a successful dynamic business. Through the years of running Excellence Roofing, both Excellence and Mountain Goat enjoyed a good working relationship as when the need arose for specific unique details to be integrated into a Mountain Goat job, Excellence would provide the expertise. Aza noticed the integrity of the how the business was run; the company’s commitment to quality and attention to fine details.

magazineAs equally interesting to him was that he observed other roofing companies referring Mountain Goat to a customer that had roof designs, complex details or steep pitches that seemed to them too daunting to tackle. Aza considered how nicely those qualities dovetailed the priorities & values of his own company. After a few years, Aza was interested in buying the company outright. At that same time the owner was interested in scaling back his commitment and was interested more in the company’s relationship with its customers and less with the business side. So the deal was made and the deed was exchanged.

Aza Cline Thoroughly enjoys his role of President and Owner of Mountain Goat roofing. He truly lives by the motto, “the steeper, the better.” The harder the project at hand, like a rounded turret, or a steep dutch colonial , the more exciting it becomes. He loves difficult to roof homes because of the challenge they provide and how they keep him and his team sharp.

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