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While driving through a neighborhood you may have noticed what appears to be  packages that Santa just couldn’t fit down the chimney, bundles just sitting on a roof.

Sometimes a contractor will preload a roof. This simply means the roofing contractor will order the roofing a few days, weeks, or even months before the actual work begins. Sometimes this is done to make it physically awkward for the consumer to back out of the agreement. Whatever the reason, it is very harmful to the structural members supporting the roofing. The framing members not only have to now support the old roofing layers but also an entire new roof system. Unfortunately it is also generally loaded either in one spot (commonly called a suicide stack) or along the length of the ridge.

A day or two is usually not a problem but when it sets for an extended period of time, sags will develop that do not go away. The framing members were engineered to handle a load evenly dispersed instead of concentrated in one area. The best scenario would be that the material arrives the day before or the same day the roofing is to be installed. This will avoid a ridge sag altogether. At Mountain Goat Roofing we put the material on the roof when it is needed and not before. We want you to be happy about our workmanship many years down the road.



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Making proper repairs to your roof is important. But performing proper maintenance is even more significant. The better you take care of your roof, the less frequent you will need to do repairs.

Roof Care Tips


1. Tread carefully when on the roof.

Take as few steps as possible when trying to assess the state of or performing repairs on your roof. Also pick the time of day when the weather is at its mildest. In hot times of the day shingles become soft and in the cold times of the day the shingles become brittle. A summer morning provides optimal conditions for roofing.

2. Avoid pressure washers.

Pressure washers release water is a manner too powerful for your roof’s good. The strong force has high tendency to make the shingles loose thus making them more vulnerable to the sun’s heat. This will greatly increase their deterioration rate. If you really want to use a pressure washer, hire a professional.

3. Bleach is a No No.

Bleach has corrosive properties and will do more bad than good. It will make your shingles brittle and breakable. Clean your shingles with water and then apply Zinc to serve as a protective layer against the formation of algae.

4.  Shingles and Paint Don’t Mix

When your shingles look too old never try to use paint to give them a makeover. The paint will surely penetrate the insides of your roofing system and lead to all sorts of problems. Just consider that it might be time to replace your roof.

5. Utilize an Efficient Gutter System

If your roof has levels such as a higher roof and a lower roof, make sure that water sliding down from the higher roof travels through a gutter and does not touch the lower roof. Otherwise, the lifespan of your lower roof will be greatly shorter than your higher roof.



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Mountain Goat Roofing has Safety Roofing Equipment.

Your safety is always more important than anything you want done on your roof. Think safety first and remember the following tips.


1.Make sure you are fit to do roofing. If you have a fear of heights or have trouble keeping your balance in inclined surfaces, get someone else to do the job.

2. Have a buddy with you. A helping hand can save your life in case of an accident.

3. Work under the sun. Never do roofing when it is raining or snowing as such conditions make you greatly prone to slipping. Work facing the sun if possible so that your shadow will be cast behind you and not on what you are working on.

4. Sweep away the leaves. Stepping on leaves may cause you to slip.

5. Make sure the ladder is planted firmly. If the ladder is resting on bare soil or grassy ground instead of flat surface such as cement or concrete, dig holes just enough to fit the bottom legs of the ladder. Also use hinges that can lock the top of the ladder firmly to one side of the roof.

6. Wear the basic safety gear. Hardhat, safety glasses, and rubber sole shoes or boots should always be present.

7. Lock in your safety harness. The harness is your second line of defense in case you slip or fall off the roof.

8. Focus on the area you are walking and/or working on. Remember you are on the roof to for fixing and not for sightseeing.

9.  Clean as you go. Do not leave any clutter or debris behind as they may lead to accidents the next time someone walks on your roof.



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1. Think Safety First

Your personal safety should be your primary concern when fixing your roof. Roofing tips, Make sure the conditions are favorable before you climb to the top of your house. Take the time to plan and do not be impulsive. Remember that haste makes waste. And never attempt repairs under pouring rain or with string winds. Also avoid meddling with your roof while it is covered with think snow. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


2. Always Take Precautions

It always pays to have a harness on whenever you go to do repairs on your roof. Also make sure that the soles of your footwear are made of rubber to minimize the chances of slipping. Having another person with you on the roof is also highly recommended.


3. Water the Roof

The easiest way to find a leak is through simulating the effects of a rainy day. Get the nearest hose and spray the roof one area at a time until you find out where that hole is.


4. Maintain Clean Gutters

Check and clean your gutters at a regular basis. Accumulated dirt may cause the gutters to clog when it rains and the clogging may in turn result to leaks.


5. Install Soffit Ventilation

Dry rot is a condition of plywood deterioration and is one of the primary causes of leaks. Dry rot is cause by hot air buildup inside your roof. You can avoid such buildup by install soffit vents. These vents will ensure continuous cycling of hot and cold air inside your roof.


6. Prevent Ice Buildup

Ice buildup on the roof tend to be a major source of roof damage because when the said ice melts the resulting water may penetrate the insides of the roof causing leaks and other problems. Adequate ventilation will help regulate the formation and melting of ice, water and ice shields will prevent water and snow from penetrating your roof and a drip edge will guide the water produced as the ice melts somewhere it can do no harm to your roof.


7. Check Your Materials

Make sure the materials you will use in repairing your roof are not faulty or defective as they make cause even more trouble that what they are supposed to solve. Inspect your items well before climbing the roof.



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How does Mountain Goat Roofing works?

Every time you plan to install or roofing your house or property, you always try looking for a roofing company who offers durable materials with fair price that can range from $5,000 to $50,000 depends on the task required to get the job done. Roofing is a big investment which requires care, diligence and skills. And this is how Mountain Goat Roofing works. A dynamic roofing company which always concerns to all property owners who were expending more money to take good care of their house or property.

Mountain Goat Roofing is a trusted company and have the complete credentials. Government permits, manufacturer’s warranty, permanent address, tax identification number and contact details. Apart from being licensed, Mountain Goat Roofing possess worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance papers. The company is always assuring all home and property owners to give the best service and working hard to get the job done properly.



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The Steeper the Roof, The Better! MGR was located in Lynnwood, WA., a complete roofing service,  contractor,  repair, installation, and roof consulting business  that serves the   residential communities throughout Seattle, North Seattle and Everett.  We have more than 30 years of experience and referrals.  Mountain Goat Roofing is licensed, bonded and insured business that takes pride in doing a job well done. We have testimonials spanning over  30 years. Our mission is not just to create happy, satisfied customers, but also relationships through helping our neighbors solve their roofing problems.  A quality home deserves quality work.



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