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By the looks of your home, we can see that you understand the value of quality. However, there is one place youmay have forgotten about, your roof! Not only will a quality roof be the icing on a beautiful cake that is your home, it will also give you peace of mind for years to come. At Mountain Goat Roofing we’re building on twenty years of happy satisfied customers, just ask one!

While driving through a neighborhood you may have noticed what appears to be  packages that Santa just couldn’t fit down the chimney, bundles just sitting on a roof.

Sometimes a contractor will preload a roof. This simply means the roofing contractor will order the roofing a few days, weeks, or even months before the actual work begins. Sometimes this is done to make it physically awkward for the consumer to back out of the agreement. Whatever the reason, it is very harmful to the structural members supporting the roofing. The framing members not only have to now support the old roofing layers but also an entire new roof system. Unfortunately it is also generally loaded either in one spot (commonly called a suicide stack) or along the length of the ridge.

A day or two is usually not a problem but when it sets for an extended period of time, sags will develop that do not go away. The framing members were engineered to handle a load evenly dispersed instead of concentrated in one area. The best scenario would be that the material arrives the day before or the same day the roofing is to be installed. This will avoid a ridge sag altogether. At Mountain Goat Roofing we put the material on the roof when it is needed and not before. We want you to be happy about our workmanship many years down the road.



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